Final goodbye

Some things need to come to an end. Crazy european Masters degrees are no exception. I have been hesitant to say anything because this was my creative home away from home for so long. And no one wants to be homeless, so I didn't want to put the final nail in the coffin until I had a new baby in my arms. Now I do, and now I can.

Now anyone who would like to keep up on my life, regardless of where it may take me can do so — at colinbate.com

In theory the next step for me will be to collect all of the 160-odd posts that I made on this site and combine them, along with the photos that were taken, into some sort of unified document. I'm thinking along the lines of a book. Like a yearbook, but just about me. Likely this "book" will take up residency as some sort of PDF file, but it is possible that I may get it printed somewhere they allow small numbers of copies to be printed. I think back to my time as yearbook editor in high school and remember all the crazy deadlines and hard work, but also the incredible fun I had birthing something original, conceived in my own head. If I can remove the urgency and restrictions inherent in that situation, I think I can really have fun with this. Of course, remove the urgency and deadlines and you have a project which I will think about doing for years to come, doomed to remain a twinkle in my eye. Just like the DVD I was going to author from all my photos from my undergrad.

I will however keep the site online, it does attract attention from some new students of my program and I have no desire to remove that. If anything develops with this site, I will post it both here and on colinbate.com. Otherwise however, this site is retired.


Location: Durham, NS @ 19:12

A Taste of Reality

Today got a bit more real than I had originally expected.

To start things off, I had a great time on my whole trip. This past month has been amazing. I will be sorting through my photos once I get home and I will detail more about it when I am not so tired.

However, this is about a wake up call that I received today. The day started out well, with 10 hours of restful sleep which is a welcome relief after the incredible heat of the past three weeks. My aunt had to work, and my uncle and I headed downtown to meet a couple of friends for lunch and some drinks. It was a lovely afternoon, and we returned to the house before my aunt did and started to prepare dinner. My aunt arrived home, having had a tiring day, and just wanted to get out of the house and head up to the local pub for a drink before dinner. So we did, as I have done with them on many occasions, and I'm sure they do quite often as well. We weren't there long and we headed home to finish up with dinner preparations because we were hungry.

It was raining a bit and my uncle needed to use the facilities, so he hustled on ahead of me and my aunt. When we got into the flat he was coming from down the hall where the bathroom is and proceeded to continue with dinner. I noticed his laptop, which had been on the table in the kitchen was missing, and I first assumed he took it down to his bedroom or something to get it off the table. Then I went into the living room and saw that my computer was also missing. At this point I felt the first twinge of panic.

“Where is your laptop?” I asked my uncle.

“It is right on the table here,” he started to reply as he turned around. “Where is it?”

“I don't know but mine's gone too,” the realization starting to consume me.

The next few minutes which followed seemed unreal as we noticed a few other missing items, and then, after checking the garden door in the kitchen, went to the master bedroom where a brick had been thrown through the bottom panel of a glass patio door. We had been burgled. And recently since we had only been gone in the order of a half hour and it seemed like there was some evidence that while care was taken the remove the power cords from the awkwardly placed outlets in both cases, the power cord for my laptop was in the kitchen. Moved, but not taken. The police were called, and we were told that someone would be over. We weren't to touch anything.

My mind was racing, a nausea rising in my stomach — a feeling that all was lost. Almost like losing a friend, and while that might sound a bit cold, in reality, that isn't far off for me. What files could be replaced by backups? Most. Which couldn't? Some recent photos, who knows.

Also on the missing list, my Blackberry and my iPod shuffle. Unfortunate, but in the light of my laptop, insignificant. Finally, resolved to the loss, I decide I should call my parents. After three attempts, I got through and told the news to my dad. Literally as I was telling it, I heard a cry from the hallway: “It's here!”

My aunt came running into the kitchen, she had found a bag with our stuff in it. I was still on the phone and my parents got to witness the commotion. I swear it was one of the most emotional times, I was shaking, as I had been before. As it would happen, not everything was in the bag, they still made off with my iPod and my phone.

So now I sit here in the aftermath, humbled by the idea of personal invasion and loss. Fortunately we scared them off, and they (or he or she) didn't stick around to fight or attack. We were lucky. It can happen at any point, to any one. I thought I was jaded and cautious after my pick pocket incident in Madrid — this brings me to a whole new level. I'll be fine, but I'll be wary. And now my total is up to three stolen cell phones in three different European countries. One in each of the countries I studied in. I'm not so good with them I guess.

Location: West Hampstead, London @ 18:28

Guten Tag

Greetings from Munich. I am currently staying in a great hostel here called Euro Youth Hostel, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about staying in Munich. On the train ride from the airport I met two other travelers who had just flown from Madrid and were staying one here, and the other nearby. Both American, we chatted all the way into the city and got along well. I've been doing some touring with them, including hitting up one of Munich's famous beer gardens last night. I even had my photo taken with some Bavarian politicans. Tomorrow I head out on an early train to Vienna and meet up with a friend there.

As far as cities go, there is far more of a backpacker feel to Munich than to any of the other cities I've been too. I guess I feel it more since I am in a hostel, but this small street by the train station alone has at least four or five hostels on it. My time in Madrid in the past couple of days was also a lot of fun. Good to see some of my friends again.

I don't have much longer on my Internet time here, so I will say good bye at this point, and hope to check in later on, somewhere... sometime.

Location: Euro Youth Hostel, Munich, Germany @ 11:40

Erasmus Convocation

Erasmus Convocation
2007-07-05 10:01:20

Dad was able to grab a couple of shots of me before the professional photographer took his.
The culmination of 18 months of school and two years of an amazing experience, the 2005 intake of Erasmus Mundus Network and eBusiness Centred Computing students finally graduated. And what a ride it has been. I put up a few of the graduation day photos taken with my camera either by myself or my father — it isn't extensive, but if gives you a bit of an idea of the day. There were dozens of camera flashes going off at all times so I know there are more and likely different shots out there, and if possible I will try to link to them or provide them somehow.

So, after that part of our journey is complete, it is on tomorrow to Spain, and part two of the trip begins. At that point, I will be out of touch from the Internet, so pray for me at night that I can make it so long without connection. Hasta luego.

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Back for more

By tomorrow morning I will be back in Europe. This following a 6 hour flight through the night. It will also be the first time that I have flown anywhere with both of my parents in over 10 years, and with either of them in 7 years. However I couldn't be more pleased. I always love the opportunity to show people places where I have been, even intrinsically less than interesting Leganés. And of course the opportunity, perhaps the last one in a while, to see my friends and colleagues again can't be passed up. The itinerary is set but as flexible as possible and the adventure is about to begin anew.
Location: Durham, NS, Canada @ 11:58

Final Journey

Well I have booked my flights for my final voyage through Europe. I felt a bit like a travel agent for a while, trying to cobble together flights from different discount and holiday airlines. But I managed, and I think I came in under budget too, but that remains to be seen, there are always unexpected daily costs that may come up, but I think I have been pretty liberal in my budgeting so hopefully I can avoid breaking the bank. Nothing like the student mental state to help keep costs low.

My past assumptions about this trip were that I would need to return to London after each leg. That seemed especially likely for my trip to Montenegro via Dubrovnik. However, thanks to some relentless searching, I am able to spend a number of days in Montenegro after visiting Munich without coming from London, but from Madrid instead. It seems a bit complicated and it is. But it is cheaper flight-wise, and I don't need to pay the ridiculous local transportation costs around London each time.

I will as always, supply photos and commentary as I can, but I won't have my computer *GASP* for most of the trip, so connectivity will be intermittant. I'll be keeping track of the things I do, and will report in full when I'm back in front of my laptop. That however, may be my last foray into a Europe Adventure for a while.

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Coda Panic has done it again. At least they are trying. Introducing Coda, the all-in-one web development center. With their Transmit software being one of, if not the best FTP program for many years, Panic has applied their same amazing skills to develop a product which will take your entire web development workflow and pack it into one neat, sexy package. Combining the same great FTP/synchronization features from Transmit with a text editor, full CSS editor, web preview, Terminal and more, Coda aims to find a niche in an area which is heavily contested.

It is my plan to see if Coda is up to the challenge and can oust me from my routine, with enough force to see me pay the $70 USD price tag for upgrading from Transmit. Currently I'm pretty entrenched with TextMate, Camino and Transmit, but I'm always willing to give something new a try. I will be using it to work on the major revisions I am doing to my other website, along with any odd jobs that I need to do in the next couple of weeks until my trial is over. There are a few things that I like already about it, like the ability to work on my local copy of the site and mark files as requiring publishing. However, if need be, you can edit your remote files directly online. I will discuss the features and other benefits once I have finished with my trial.

Location: Durham, NS @ 6:36

What Now?

Well, it would seem that for the most part, my Europe Adventure is over. It has been an amazing time. Now, I am reviving the ailing colinbate.com and going to make a go of it over there. All the best.


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